Let the days pass by

My dear, do not think much after today, because you will not achieve the result you want, and you will lose your time, maybe you can try again, one or two times, and you may succeed … and then part of your dreams may come true, you may be satisfied and a little convinced, But you will aspire to more, and try to compete with your colleagues at work, and perhaps your leader at work, and you may overcome him, if your luck is good … and if not, he will take revenge on you and destroy you, and return from where you started, or perhaps From scratch …. But, dear, do not despair, try to repeat the experience again, and the days go by with her … Therefore, do not think too much, if it will come, it will come …. And if it is not written for her to come, then will not Come …. Therefore, I advise you: let the days go by ….

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