Farmer and seeds

While I was sitting reading the newspaper, my son approached me calmly, he sat and kept looking at me, I noticed his gaze and left the freedom of expression for him when he wanted ….. Five minutes passed and he looked at me, as if he wanted me to put the newspaper aside, he did not want to To interrupt my thoughts ….. I responded to his desire, because I know him well, he wants something ….. I put the newspaper and looked at my phone ……. got up from his place, standing up, and said to me: …. Dad, why are there rich people and poor people? Did God not create all people equal? Why is there injustice? Why is there no justice? ….. I said to him: My son, calm down a little, that opportunities exist for all people, some of them succeed in them, and some of them fail, in addition to the actions of some people that are reflected in results, which may be positive and sometimes they are Negative, and sometimes, people help people, and some of them deny it, and some of them appreciate it ….. I sit down to tell you this story, and keep it in your memory forever ………… ………………. …. in ancient times there was a poor farmer … He got up early in the morning and said to his wife: O my wife, I am going to sow the field, I will take the seed With me, don’t be late in bringing me food, and a little water. She said to him: Wait and go together, isn’t it too heavy for you to carry it alone? He said to her: Do not worry, I do not want to be late, we must plant the field today, they say that tomorrow is a rainy day … and on the way to the field, he noticed there was a small hole in the bag that contained the seed, and some seed began to fall On both sides of the road …. He did not care about this quantity, because it is small, and the weight is large and he continued his journey, and just before the field, he walked among the rocks by a short path, and the seed continued to fall on these rocks, and he said: Well here is the field I had nothing left but to go beyond this short distance, and the seed continued to fall at this distance between the rocks and the field, and finally he reached his field, the soil was well plowed, and it is fertile for this seed, and he began to plant, and to work hard and He got tired, and at noon his wife brought him food and water, and they cooperated together, until they finished planting the field with seeds before sunset, and the clouds began to thicken and prepare for rain. He said to her: Let us go, it seems that the rain is near, let’s go before it is too late …… The rain continued for several days, and after the rains subsided … he told his wife: I will go to check on our cultivation, I will not delay ….. and on the way he wanted to walk from the same road that he walked on. Tip way, place The seed had fallen, so the birds came and ate it, and there was nothing left of it …… and he reached the rocks, he found the seed growing slowly, and he looked at the seed in the separating area, and he found it growing but surrounded by thorns, and finally he reached his field, praise be to God And he thanked him that everything was fine, and he returned home happy …… and after several days, walking on his way, he did not find a trace of those that fell on the edge of the road, and he noticed that the seed that fell on the rocks dried up and It is no longer present, and the seed that fell in the separating area was lost between the thorns, and it destroyed it and also nothing was left of it. It destroyed it completely, and looked at its field, and found it growing in a wonderful and fruitful way …….. And when the crop was harvested, he reaped double from it, and God blessed this field ………. The story ended, my son, the boy fell silent a little, then he said to me: I understood my father, this is our life, I told him: Yes ….. The seed is the word of God in truth, faith, prayer and justice, and on both sides of the road there was Satan, the Devil, who is evil, who cuts the road to some and makes them ignorant and blinds them and their hearts to the truth and the right path On the rock, there is a group of people who hear God’s words, but they have no origin They believe for a while, and at the time of the exam, their truth appears ……. And what fell between the thorns, they are the ones who heard, but the pleasures and concerns of the world take them, and they are absorbed and lost in it, …. And the good planting They are the people who hear the word and obey God, know the truth, and do good work …. A person , my son, produces an example that is planted in his heart and tries to spread it among other people …..


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    it’s great

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    You look cute

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