Don’t stone me, I’m’t God

I walked long behind my dreams, dreams were saturated with the will of that teenage boy, who once thought that he would be able to break up the rocks that appear in front of him, and extinguish the fires that impede his path, and remove the clouds that try to block the vision in front of him, I thought myself that I would be stronger than the genie And that I will be able to achieve justice in this world, and I gained my strength from my will and my belief in my dreams, and from the food that my mother used to give me, and who saw her son as the best young man in this universe, and convinced him that nothing stands before the will And hard and diligent work stands behind any success …. I grew up on truth, on honesty and patience, and knew that the road would not be furnished with roses, and I went through harsh conditions and surpassed them, and difficult tests and succeeded them, and many tried to stand up to me For several reasons, I overcame them, and I thought to myself that I was an invincible boy, and one time, when I was young, I remember very well, the weather was very cold, and the sound of the wind was strong and its whistling frightening, at the end of the night, we went to sleep, The wind was strong, so the cold was entering between the windows and doors, and we did not have the price of the heater, and there was no electricity, because the world was darkness. ..We couldn’t sleep, because of the coldness …. I could hear the sound of my mother shivering, and my little brothers wrapped each other and put on a lot of clothes …. My mother said, take this towel, put it on your back, it may warm you a little .. I told her: What do you think that I put paper from old notebooks and some nylon bags, and worn clothes, between the gaps in the windows and doors? She said to me: We will not benefit, son, because nothing can overcome this strong wind …. I remember well That day, I worked until dawn, trying this window and moving to the other, and from door to door to door … to no avail, and I did not hear my mother’s words that she used to say, stop playing and tiredness, son, sleep and rest, We will warm up a little later … Do not tire your body more, until she slept …. And in the morning the wind subsided, and everyone woke up, and I surrendered to sleep deeply, after fatigue and trouble …………. … and when I grew up and finished my university studies, I said to my mother, O mom, we will forget about poverty and black days, after today our lives will change, you will see how I make you laugh, I change the house, and every week we will go to dinner in a restaurant, and make people She comes to you from everywhere, asking for help, you will become the woman of the people … My mother was answering with a small smile, and with great wishes, as if she knew, that the poor remain poor, and the big one eats the small and may eat himself if he is forced ……… and I lived my life as soon as the best, and despite everything I remained optimistic, and Still, even if there is only one day left in my life …. and I believe that a group of young people, if I meet, surpasses being surpassed by strength and power ……. and I stay smiling, and talk to friends who are similar to me in poverty and pain And the dream ….. I used to get the approvals, but it was just words, they trembled with the strong, and at the first wind they believed that they would throw them away, and at the first hole, they would be buried in it, so the escape was their slogan …. and always kept Alone in the end, and I go to my mother and do not answer, but she is satisfied with her usual smile ……… I will not say that I am an angel from home from heaven, I will not talk about the principles that I learned from my mother ….. and when I arrived To this stage of my life, everyone points to me with his hands, that I am different from the others, I am not like anyone, many have moved away from me … They are afraid of me, of my beliefs …. They look at me with a frightening look …. As if they are stoning me, it is true that They don’t throw me rocks, but their looks are scary, different, they throw me at it, and it is much more difficult than stones … Yesterday, a number of them were together discussing, I entered upon them, and screamed in their faces and said to them in a voice stronger than the sound of the wind on that day, I said to them (Do not stone me, for I am not a god).

(It’s true story)…….


  1. Michael Newberry · أغسطس 7

    Mounzer, I read ever word. It is beautiful about human preservation. Right now Im reading Aristotle on Eudaemonia, human happiness and flourishing. He is very wise. He discusses that Eudaemonia is not only about human goodness and the wish to be happy, but that circumstances can harm the best of people. He has no solution but his empathy is vast, and he believes you do the best you can do. The friends that shake their heads know what you are talking about, but they have no answers. It seems to me that keeping your eyes open about everything outside of yourself, and being aware of what you can change and what you can’t—like which windows can be mended and which can’t.

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  2. Omatra7 · أغسطس 7

    Awww I really loved hearing your story! Your mother sounds like a gentle loving woman ❤️ sounds like she has a beautiful heart.

    I am sorry others don’t accept who you are. People can be judgmental and harsh.

    I experienced that… my ex tells lies about me to everyone… nothing he tells about me is true at all… but whatever – I stay quiet … I feel sorry for them because instead of learning who I am for themselves they want to believe bad instead, or be judgmental … is their loss.

    I keep to myself and only keep the people who I can trust in my life.

    His true colors always come out. Always.

    I am sorry they make you feel bad, 😔 pay no mind – is their loss…

    I just always focus on the friends and family I do have and love very much…

    We have a movie here that plays during Christmas … it’s a beautiful movie. It’s called “A Wonderful Life” it’s from a long time ago, so it’s in black and white. Maybe you know it?

    It’s about a man who feels like he is nothing in the world, he is angry and sad – done with life, done with people… he is in financial ruins, he wants to take his own life by jumping from a bridge…

    Another man appears, and kinda talks him out of it. What he doesn’t know is that man is an angel…

    He doesn’t believe that at first… and the angel tells him he is trying to get his wings 👼- every time a bell rings… an angel gets their wings…

    The man remains non believing … so the angel decides to show him what it would be like, if he were never born…

    And you get to see all the lives this man has touched – lives he saved, or touched in a good way somehow… you see the small (usually insignificant things) that have made others lives better – just because he WAS born…

    And the man sees how much things and people mean to him … if he were never born – he would never have the love of his life, or his children. He wants that and misses that… wants it all back…

    The angel gives him his life back… and just when the man was thankful and blessed to have his family back, people he knew and touched came to him with donations to save his house… it is touching!

    While the people are pouring in to help, you hear a bell from the Christmas tree ring… and his youngest daughter says “daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings”

    He smiled and with tears told his daughter that was true! It is very touching – it’s a Christmas movie but with a wonderful and beautiful message

    So I always try to remember what is wonderful in my life and know I have touched lives ❤️ … you have a family who obviously loves you and supports you very much…

    Do not worry about ones who are hurtful, you don’t need them anyway, pay no mind.

    The good ones won’t care what others think – they will just appreciate who you are and your friendship. ❤️

    And sometimes the rich are only wealthy in money, but not in heart. Sometimes those with the biggest hearts are the richest in the world!! ❤️

    I loved your post, and learning more about you… I’m sorry about your tough memories of cold and hunger – no one should experience that, but it does happen sadly 😔 I have experienced that myself.

    I would love to take away all the pains of the world! I hate that people suffer!

    You sound very strong! You have a strong spirit obviously and that is quite admire-able! You have strength! That is quite a quality that not a lot have.

    Thank you for sharing some of your story ❤️💕 you story touches my heart!

    Stay away from others who don’t understand or care… they will hurt you.

    You have a good heart so ya know, watch other people’s hearts. Keep only those with true hearts around you. That is very important.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry you go through that 😔

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  3. Mounzer · أغسطس 9

    I refer to the vegetable property rights to publish or copy any article, and anything else is tantamount to stealing
    , good luck.


  4. Mounzer · أغسطس 12

    I hope you are well, and have you prepared well for Friday, my heart is with you, all the best and sincere wishes for you❤️🙏🤗


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