I will stand again

These are the difficult times that I am going through, and the circumstances that have closed all the roads in my face, will not frustrate me, will not prevent me from continuing and fighting to restore hope and success to my life, I will fight despair, patience is my motto, and the long soul, and Working hard, persistence, and determination is unrelenting, it was a harsh lesson, my excessive trust in others, and it may be arrogant at times, and the treachery that I have been subjected to from the closest people to me, put me down and knock me down, yes everyone fell and abandoned me, here: there is no place for whom There is no place for someone who is late for a step, it is a race, it is a time to walk over corpses, a time for hypocrisy, a time for interests, and gasping for wealth, yes, it is a time that does not be ashamed, others continue without looking back, although yesterday we were friends and loved ones, But it is interests, sir, we will burn and destroy everyone who stands in the way, this time that we have reached, but I, here, did not die, the blood is still running inside me, and the pulses of my heart are still ringing, and my eyesight is still strong, and I have a vision To the future, I will not give up, with patience, work, knowledge, wisdom and faith in my ability to stand, to resume catching up in the race, I will stand again, and compete with you, I promise that I will stand again.


  1. Inge David · يونيو 21

    Intense story! I wish you the very best my friend!

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  2. theatrealtair · يونيو 21

    Ah! I’ll reread your text whenever, for me, it goes wrong. It’s a great motivation for all of us – because all of us often break our backs.

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  3. Msdedeng · يونيو 21

    Thank you!

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  4. Barbara Franken · يونيو 21

    I know the feeling when a close one steps on you to squeeze out the love you may have shared in order to grab the wealth, the place of honour. We can only stand strong, reunited in a trust that love and respect for all will bring us into our perceived future presence of harmony on earth. Knowing there is no need to fight, as pure wishes and desires will indeed bring in our dreams🥰 sending love, Barbara x

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  5. Binte Bashir · يونيو 21

    Indeed Innallaha Massabireen!
    Our greatest glory is not in never rising but inrising everytime we fall.

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  6. Omatra7 · يونيو 22

    Me too ❤️✌️ … we probably have very different lives or circumstances ? But I can relate … I am the same

    And I will also stand again ✌️

    Good luck and prosperity to you … careful with who you give your trust to – I learned that the hard way myself

    Together we rise ✌️

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  7. wisdomforlivingblog · يونيو 22

    Great post!

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