My first kiss

My love , do you remember that day, the meeting was short and fast, I came to you and the rain poured in abundance, that day, on the ground floor, I came to give you the book, to read it before the exam, I did not set my temper, I kissed you a quick kiss and ran away, I was afraid to see us, it was A quick touch from my mouth to your mouth, I feel it well now, how much I need it, and when I got home, I called you, and I was worried that you wouldn’t answer the phone, and my nerves rested when I heard your voice, ignored what happened between us and did not want to Reminding you of it … and we talked about the exam and preparing it well, because our desire to succeed was great, perhaps it is the guarantee that we stay together in the next year, and that failure means that we separate … I do not know how you felt on that day, but I know, you are happy, and I waited for this moment for a long time, and within you there is a great desire, to initiate something, but you did not expect that that thing would be a kiss …. Do you know, how much i regretted? ….. Yes, I regretted, because all the beautiful moments were with you, it was quick and brief … How I wished that kiss would not end, because it was my first kiss….


  1. 👏🏻

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  2. netdeduessel · يونيو 16

    Like a poem…

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  3. Subrata Mukherjee · يونيو 22

    Great creation 👍

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