this is my night

The apartment was on the second floor of the building where I lived empty, tenants did not come to it a long time ago, in general tourism is almost non-existent this year, and on the third floor there was a group of friends coming out in the morning and singing, dancing, drinking in the evening, and the sound of loud music rises They have every evening, and they hold parties with his friends at work, and when I go to sleep, I cannot because of the loud voices, and I flip in my bed long before I fall asleep …. and this condition remained until the day that I came to my house, and I wanted to cook some food, of course, I only know about cooking, the simple thing, I wanted to try this out and eat food at home …… And while I’m in the kitchen ….. the house rang …. And when I opened the door, she was speaking in a language that I did not understand, beautiful, attractive, with her fascinating length, her golden hair, and her moon-like face, I did not know what to say, I wished she would enter, but her sister, who pulled her in her hand, appeared behind her, and I understood that she was wrong And I knew then that they were residents of the second floor, and it seemed that she drank a lot of alcohol and lost her concentration, and after this day … I deliberately tried every day to try cooking, and waited for her, a Surreptitiously accompanied her, and I try to talk to her in any way, even if by the sign, I made my heart move from his place, and I woke up inside me the feeling of the teenage boy, that I even loved sitting at home, and I forgot the noise of the third floor, and all my attention went to the second floor …. And one day I asked my friend to accept my invitation to have dinner at home, and after we finished eating food and drinking tea, he went to his house, and I went to clean the dishes and close the windows of the house, and the noise as usual was loud on the floor The third, while I closed the window, I heard a voice from the floor above me, from the second floor, I looked up, as if it was moonlight, I saw a light at the top, she looked at me, and said something I did not understand, so she took out her cup, and pointed her hand, ascend, she invite me to drink A cup, oh my God my dream came true, this is my night, and my dreams rarely come true …, My heart beat quickly, I am in a dream, I rushed, and I am afraid that will be kidding me and change her mind after a little, and a few seconds I was on the floor Second, I do not understand what they said, it was she and her sister, and it was not only me that I would use the telephone translator, or understand some of the signs, and we danced together, the time passed quickly, and her sister slept on the sofa , and we drank all the bottles of alcohol, and I stretched my hand towards her, laughing, I don’t know how we got to this situation, and suddenly she got up and screamed, her sister woke up, I understood that something troublesome had happened, i apologized and left, I don’t know exactly What is this annoying thing, I thought maybe, she got to a stage of loss of consciousness, I said to myself tomorrow in the morning, I fix it if there is anything wrong, I did not sleep that night, I waited impatiently, I went up to the second floor, did not open The door …. I said maybe they were still sleeping, and I heard their voice on the stairs of the house I rushed to salute them, but unfortunately they ignored me, God what happened, and on the second and third day, in vain without success, everything was destroyed, then I decided To change my house and move to another place, I will keep myself the beautiful picture, if it hadn’t happened tonight, my beautiful dream would remain ….


  1. bukalor · يونيو 12

    our life
    our desire to be loved
    and love
    we all wait for it
    when will it be

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