My candle

On that day when I wanted to revolt, I went out without awareness or thinking, my enthusiasm leads me to declare victory somewhere, after we were unable to reach solutions, because of the loss of reason and dispersion, lack of agreement, indifference, and the danger that afflicts this The world from every direction, it was not from me except that I went out into the darkness of the night accompanied a friend with me, which is a candle, lit my candle and went past, I walk alone in the streets, where no one but silence, and the shadows that come behind the light of the candle, and try light breezes To overcome the candle fuse, but it resists the defeat refuses in front of it, and follow the path, where no one, I search for warmth and safety, turn right again and change the direction to the left, the roads are waving, the breezes increase and the light slightly diminishes, and comes to me Sounds from far away, I do not know what they are, maybe the sound of the breezes that turn into a wind a little later, and I go on the way up, what a tired ascension, my breath narrows, my breath accelerates and louder, and conspires with the breezes, to extinguish the light of the candle, and But he resists again, I am tired from going up, I will rest a little here, in this dark corner, and keep my candle and its light, I sit folded and keep my candle, and here I feel a tambourine After my tiredness, I surrender to sleep, and I leave my candle with the breezes, and I do not know who will win …

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