I Wish

I sleep and I wake up, then I think, I go back and I sleep and I wake up and think again, What is this world, what is this strange strange universe, why do we not love each other? Why are we jealous? Why are we fighting some? Thousands of questions … and there is no answer … hate, hatred, greed, blind hearts, discrimination, racism, exploitation, oppression and hypocrisy. All this calls for disgust, ravishing each other’s flesh as if they were monsters, why? … Don’t you know that all this is fleeting … and that this life is false … I try to fix some things with friends, some of them accept the idea and most of them do not allow me to intervene … and they call for a mockery .. Whoever puts you as a social reformer … fix yourself first and then fix others .. Nobody admits that he is wrong, everyone here in this world is right … vanity prevailed and humility disappeared … a terrible moral prostitution case … we lost confidence in each other … When I think about this life and see how people are doing and where values and morals have become, I say to myself: I wish I hadn’t been created in this world …


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  2. jeffw5382 · يونيو 6

    I think we all need to admit our wrongness and start from there-When we cannot face the depths of our flaws we project them onto others and then accentuate their wrongness to puff ourselves up, without consideration of our own flaws

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  3. Belladonna · يونيو 6

    Once we can admit tha t we are wrong the healing can start. It feels good to say I was wrong and I hear you!

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  4. Nadia Willemse · يونيو 6

    Very well put!

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  5. hanatuamotherslove · يونيو 6

    Honestly, there are days when I feel exactly the same way you feel. Humanity has honestly lost it.
    where did we get it wrong. My friend, it started from the home front.
    Until the day we stand up to our responsibility, train this and groom this children.
    Humanity will never have peace. Everyone is talking about the recent rape case. We need justice but have we asked ourselves. If the parents had done their jobs, groom their male child. Would this have happen.
    We blame government for everything but let’s ask ourselves who is the government? We are the government.
    My friend, there is so much to say but I have decided to do one thing, Focus on God almighty.
    Find and follow him for myself. He is the only one that can protect us from this madness.
    Humanity has to repent,parents have to take their responsibility seriously. If they know they can’t raise children who will be beneficial to themselves and the society then don’t have children.
    Because it take a lot of time and effort to raise children.
    Please I am not going religious but just being honest.
    Only God almighty will save us.

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  6. Omatra7 · يونيو 7

    It is VERY sad to see!! I agree with your words … it’s very heartbreaking! 💔

    All I can say is – for yourself – stay strong, appreciate life and what you have… be true to your own morals and values… to listen is to learn, and to make mistakes is life… but don’t let the harshness of others cloud your own happiness or your life.

    Life is so precious and if we could all just appreciate that in itself – and appreciate the differences – we could be ok… and we could be so strong together!

    Sometimes you need destruction to recreate something beautiful – take apart the pain and replace with love and understanding … old ways and beliefs are hard to overcome – it takes time… perhaps there will be a renewal after the storm? One can hope 🙏

    And differences in opinions or views are ok, as long as we can learn appreciate each other and admit when we are wrong. ❤️✌️

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  7. Miishuangmu · يونيو 7

    Negativity is the worst thing that should happen now. Please don’t fall into the trap. If the current path and people you encounter do not help to build a better you. Switch attention and change the avenue. Dare yourself to do the RIGHT things. Take care and have a nice weekend. 🌻

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  8. Nadia Willemse · يونيو 8

    I like this so much I shared it on Facebook.

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  9. knjiznicaosveliskovci · يونيو 9

    To be honest (even though I admit that maybe I’m totally wrong, but), I’ve noticed all these things that you describe among people when social sites had become our real life (we can also say – real lie).

    When we see that people about who we think that are not “good as us” are more succesfull in really anything, we start to feel bad about ourselves and our achievements are not achievements anymore.

    We compete even in sorrow, not just in happiness.

    Most people use most of their day to show that they have the most important jobs or the most hardworking days, that they have more money and more material things.

    Let’s be honest, money can buy us health, so we should stop saying that money can’t buy us happiness. Of course it can – we could also help other people and make them happy by providing them better health care, traveling to places they could only dream of etc.

    Most children before even becoming teenagers nowadays feel insecure about their looks just because of popular “influencers”, telling us they are also “life coaches” but actually doing nothing but taking photos of themselves doing nothing.

    So, most of us are busy trying to save our friendships and familis by building our lives based on “true values”. But we don’t want to admit to ourselves that even our old friends have changed. Many of them live just in online world.

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  10. knjiznicaosveliskovci · يونيو 9


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  11. Shivani Gupta · يونيو 11

    The world has become full of hatred. We need to unite and fill it with love again.

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    • Mounzer · يونيو 11

      This is true, but we must live love, because we search for it, and we find nothing but selfishness and hypocrisy, true love has disappeared, perhaps he is shy of us, he wants us to sacrifice for him

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  12. Mounzer · يونيو 11

    We meet ideas


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