Perhaps silence is enough (George Floyd)

George Floyd


  1. viewfromoverthehill · يونيو 5

    You’ve gathered with friends??? Where do you live where you can do that? Cheers, Muriel

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    • Mounzer · يونيو 5

      احI love your comments very much, because it gives me strength and support, thank you🌹❤️🙏😘


  2. rugby843 · يونيو 5

    I don’t think anything will ever be enough

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  3. Binte Bashir · يونيو 15

    Silence speaks volumes.

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  4. lynnfay73 · يوليو 1

    This was really nice, actually. But of course, silence is not enough for them.

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    • Mounzer · يوليو 1

      Really, I said perhaps, but after perhaps, nothing will be useful


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