No to Racism

Whoever does not know (Martin Luther King Jr.) the American leader and political and humanitarian activist who demanded an end to racial discrimination against black people, who was assassinated on April 4 of 1968, sacrificing his life for freedom and human rights, and who does not know ( Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela) the anti-apartheid African leader in South Africa in particular and the world in general, who was arrested for 27 years in prison, for freedom, justice and human rights as well …….. and many others are well known Among most people, they are our role models in life … against what is happening today against races and against minorities, not only in the United States, in Europe, how much we have seen such situations, especially in football fields, and also in China, We saw the separations on racist grounds ……. A person is of blood and flesh, that he is one human being, it does not matter whether it is black, yellow or white, the Creator is one, our God is one, and our lives have one destiny, this land brings us together In the end, no one will last forever, and death awaits us, the air we breathe is one, thinking and reason are the same, why is racism in dealing, that who determines the way of dealing is the Efficiency, ethics and behavior, why is this aggressive behavior? … Punishment and intense accountability must be met by everyone who acts with racism ….. The world must unite and set limits to these actions, otherwise history will repeat itself, we have seen what happened in The former Yugoslavia, and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo ….. This racism must disappear forever, and we all unite with the heart of one man to say: No to racism.


  1. No to racism

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  2. eleonorabergonti · مايو 31

    NO to racism!

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  3. salsaworldtraveler · مايو 31


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  4. viewfromoverthehill · مايو 31

    Right on! What IS wrong with us? Haven’t we had enough of the destruction of this stupidity?

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  5. clara80 · يونيو 2

    Well said,

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  6. Otrazhenie · يونيو 2

    I hope one day we all learn to focus on our shared HUMAN identity while appreciating and respecting the differences. We are all HUMANS no matter our race, nationality, gender, religion…

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  7. Andromeda · يونيو 7

    Powerfully written!

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  8. Jovina Coughlin · يونيو 28

    Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.


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