Don’t be shy

A friend called me today, to tell me: congratulations to you, you have successfully passed the first stage, and you must prepare and wait for the next stage … we will tell you later in time and place … we wish you good luck ……. oh how happy I am This contact, after several disappointments, hope comes back again, if you know how many times I called and followed this friend ….. about a month ago ….. I read an ad, asking for a real estate expert …. Of course, this is not my job, but My experience in life made me familiar with this aspect, and I have a good knowledge of it through some friends, as well as I read useful information about it and trained properly in the way of supply and demand, the style of speech and courtesy and on the element of attraction and curiosity when the customer … … the biggest obstacle in my acceptance was language, because I only speak two languages and three languages were required, my request was not accepted the first time …. Then I tried again … and he apologize to me saying … the market is weak this The days are due to Coronavirus ….. After several days I repeated the attempt … and then also, I was not ashamed to call, maybe five or six times because I need to work even if temporarily, in the end, it was only him to welcome me saying to him please During my admission period I will learn the language you requested, but you know the schools and institutes of the language were closed because of Coronavirus, I promise that I will learn it … He told me: Well, come to the first test to know your capabilities ……. Today he tells me that I have moved to a new stage, Days and I will have work ….. There is saying: (If you need work, ask for the first time, and if you do not get it, ask for a second and third time that you are not bored .. In the end they will get bored and agree …. And You get it) … but don’t be shy.

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