I love you

I got a message today, a handwritten paper message, and not as we used to do these days a phone message or via social media, it was inside a white envelope, and it had beautiful stamps, I opened the envelope … and I wanted to read the message ….. it was written Weak calligraphy, the writing is not clear and the writing is not clear … I knew the calligraphy and I liked this writing very much , I know every letter in it, and I know every word … I learned from him the value of life …. It is the owner of the great credit for my education … and my education .. And my morals … and the values that I live for ….. The message was sent from my mother, although she is close to eighty years…. She sent it to me by mail … Note that I phoned her every time … but she wanted to sow love, joy and surprise in my life …. she knows my self, and knows very well the effect of this message on my life …. She wanted to raise my spirits … and instill hope in her son’s faith, and how many times in her letter she mentioned the word of my little son, she still has that little boy. ..And the most important thing in this message was its conclusion, I wrote, my son, take good care of yourself, be strong, do not fall and if you do not fear, stand again, you will return stronger …. my son, my beloved of your mother …. And remember very well that my heart and soul are with you.. Be patient my son …. I love you.


  1. Omatra7 · مايو 28

    How beautiful ❤️… I would save that always!! ❤️

    There is nothing in the world like a Mother’s love for her child ❤️

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  2. summerhilllane · مايو 29

    This letter written gave as much joy to the sender as it did to the receiver. We should all write letters to our loved ones and mail them while this service still exists. I loved hearing this story. Thank you ❤️

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  3. Christina Kyranis · مايو 29


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  4. hanatuamotherslove · يونيو 3

    God bless her

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  5. Shivani Gupta · يونيو 11

    Beautifully written❤

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  6. Mounzer · يونيو 11

    It is not easy in this world for someone to attract you. I find wonderful things for you


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