The thrill of victory over Corona Virus

I was seeing him tired and worried, every day I went to buy food and what we needed at home early in the morning, and I used to see my neighbor at the same time every day, and for many years, and today I and he became retired, although our relationship in the past was Just saluting, but after our retirement we have had a longer time, to talk about conditions and news, and after the spread of this malicious epidemic (Virus Corona) and domestic isolation, and to determine a separation distance between people when buying widgets, we got to know some more, until I talked to him In the morning if he was ready to go together, or he would call me and ask, and we would walk together until we reached the market, and on the way we trusted About the past and the days of time, how beautiful and simple it was, and how complicated life was, and we talk about high costs and social conditions, and we communicate the news of people that we know together, and rarely, we talk about politics with caution, running a sensitive and emotional man, I concluded He loves his relatives a lot, so his phone is always ringing, and he is on the other side, one of his brothers or sisters, and it may be the son of one of them, about a month ago, he called me earlier than usual and his voice is sad, and I felt that something occupies his mind, he told me that He will go to the market early, what do you think? Are you ready, I told him: Well let’s go out, why not, and in the usual place we met, and we followed toward the market, and my neighbor started crying while we were on the way, and he couldn’t hold himself up, well man what is there? Please speak. Tell me, is your family okay, please say what is wrong with you? … He told me: Today they told me that they took my brother to the hospital. He was infected in the Corona Virus, and I do not know anything about him. Calm my friend, calm down, is there something to worry about? Did he complain about something previously? Does he have other diseases? He told me: No, but he is seventy-four years old, and I know that the death rate from the epidemic at this age is high, calm down my friend calm down, they will put him in care, and there will be interest in him, and I do not think that there is anything It scares … And you have to pray and believe, and God will not abandon us, I tried to stay with him on this day longer than usual, and on the way back, we discussed the matters of the future and how life will return to normal, and people are able to make up for a period This stop, and we were separated with tears in his eyes, and the pain hurts his heart ….. And so on every morning, I find him sad, and he cannot see his brother, and the information is transmitted to him by phone Through his nephew, and his condition started to improve little by little, until today, and in the morning, he called me early … his voice returned as before, and he asked me if I was ready, I went out and we met in the same place, and happiness overwhelms his face And his laughter is almost louder, and the tears are in his eyes, but they were tears of joy this time, my friend, a little while ago they told me that they took my brother out of care, and he is now completely cured from Corona Virus, I thank God, he is fine, almost dancing in the way of joy …. Did I not tell you, my friend, faith in hope, and in God, is the path to healing, that God is able to do everything, congratulations to you, my friend …. And we pray to God to heal all people from this Malignant epidemic, we have good work and sincere, and prayer, God bless this planet.


  1. Unicorn Dreaming · أبريل 22

    What a lovely story.. thank you.. 😊

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  2. marycarmenmur · أبريل 22

    A quí hay un problema, ¿qué pasa si el hermano de tu amigo no se hubiera recuperado e incluso hubiera muerto, seguiríais pensando así de Dios? Este es el misterio, el enigma de la enfermedad y la muerte, A los ojos de los humanos ¿qué papel juega Dios? Le pedimos que nos cure, que nos libre de la muerte, pero ¿son estos sus planes? ¿estamos dispuestos a confiar en él en la enfermedad y en la muerte como lo mejor porque él así lo dispone o nos empeñamos a forzarle a que se cumpla nuestros deseos y no aceptamos que su voluntad no coincida con la nuestra?

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    • Mounzer · أبريل 22

      Of course, we must trust in God in all circumstances, because he is capable of everything, our faith must be constant, whether we are in the best of affairs or the worst of things, faith has no history and has no time, and I will write about my conversation with you soon, on a topic Faith, good and evil, please follow up, thank you

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  3. Marie Cook · أبريل 24


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  4. Wanda Luthman · مايو 4

    Praise God!

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  5. azuquiqui1 · مايو 14

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