NELSON MANDELA, Who among us does not know this name, this man is a history in and of itself. Nelson Mandela is this man, the veteran politician who opposes racism and poverty, even though one of his grandparents on the side of his father was a king and his father was a local leader and an advisor to the king, and he was named Rollyahla, meaning ( (Tear off branches) or bitchy and his school teacher gave him his name Nelson and this is because of the British bias in education at that time, he worked for man and humanity, he stayed in prison for 27 years, and he gained freedom after that, and the truth won, won Justice, after winning the freedom he worked, the man won, after an international campaign to release him after a long civil war, and He was elected president of the country after that, established a new constitution for the country, worked to defuse ethnic tensions, and refrained from running for a second term, with humility and confidence, to focus after him on charitable work and fighting poverty and diseases, everywhere in the world, he was an opponent For colonialism in all its forms, and to fight against injustice, he stood with many countries and peoples, until he became a symbol in every home, and an icon for every human being, he won many awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize, the US Presidential Medal, and the Lenin Medal, and enjoyed respect Deep in the world in general and in Africa in particular, until he was described as the father of the nation, this great man, the legend Example, dream, how much we need Mandela these days, the man of freedom, human principles and values, we need a teacher to rehabilitate us again, at a time when values and humanity die, we need to rebel against reality again, we must To reject this reality, in which we have become like a flock, the shepherd leads us how he wants, that it is the time of the rule of the strong, there is no place for the weak except death, hunger, poverty, diseases, increasing and increasing, and prostitution and corruption is increasing, corruption of souls and conscience, Nelson Mandela if You go back again, not to Africa alone, but to the whole world, we need a savior, to salvation, we need a boat to get us ashore, etc. For safety, Mandela, look at our situation today, how bad it is, and perhaps we will go for the worse, we must return to God, to solidarity together, correct mistakes and address weaknesses, and become stronger, by faith and work together, Nelson Mandela،he will be born again.


  1. salsaworldtraveler · أبريل 16

    I agree. The world needs leaders like Mandela.

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  2. iurieganea · أبريل 16

    Apreciez mult, faptul că cineva cu mândrie și onoare amintește lumii despre existența acestei personalități excepționale. Care mereu va încuraja spiritual bun și determinant al adevărului

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  3. vincenza63 · أبريل 16

    Great post! Thank you.

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  4. Ajid | Prajjidna Daliman · أبريل 17

    One of the great men that I respect so much.
    Also, it will be great if you put an image of him.

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    • Mounzer · أبريل 17

      His image is engraved in our hearts, it is like the sun in the sky


  5. milly · أبريل 18

    Good morning Monzeur,I am very agree about speech Nelson Mandela in the world in general and in Africa in particular.We must return to God,to solidarity together,correct mistakes and became better.And with this speech I wish you a good morning. By Milly

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    • Mounzer · أبريل 18

      Good morning, good morning love and faith, I am happy with your friendship, and I am happy with the word good morning from you.🙏🌹❤️😘

      Liked by 1 person

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