lies rope is short

In the minds of many, many ideas revolve, some people try to talk about things they know or have heard about, or invent some of them, and sometimes they make adjustments to them, even in the end the final conversation becomes far from the original, and is very exaggerated, and it all became a lie And they think that if they talk too much, they understand the same volume of speech, this is the truth of our present days, the different events, and the writing of novels, and they recount it in mythical imagination, and some professed that profession because it may bring money, and in the money their happiness, and buy Their happiness is at the expense of the misery of others, what do we say about these people, hypocrites, or liars … and we realize well the ugliest In man is lying, the quality that we say about them does not matter, I say to this type of people: these days your days lived as you wish, and remember that there is God, in heaven, who sees and watches, lying in which injustice, and abuse to people, and spoke Many problems due to lying, especially between two lovers or friends, how many divorces occurred because of him, or quarrels between friends, and even severing relations between institutions and organizations and perhaps countries, and sometimes they cause fighting and wars, and it is prohibited in all religions, He who thinks himself is undisclosed is mistaken, and the lying rope is short and tomorrow the snow melts, and many facts are revealed, while the truth is absent, a day or two, the sieve doesn’t block the sunlight , and that tomorrow soon.

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