Let us fill the world with joy

I see people’s faces these days are sad. Laughter is absent from faces. Fear may be one of the reasons, boredom and boredom, and perhaps the imposed isolation has gone on for too long for whatever reason. Tomorrow this story will end, and people will go to their deeds, and some of them may learn from The harsh lesson that he was exposed to, learns to cooperate, love, care, generosity …. and from them his immorality and selfishness towards others will increase, and life will return to its negative and positive nature, and the stopping conflicts start again, and running after money, and The same previous scenes are repeated, but we, ordinary people, who know nothing but love, seek happiness from joy in Place to return a smile on our faces are the only reason for our survival, and we will publish love and happiness everywhere, to plan from now how tomorrow, let us fill the world with joy.


  1. Praise Adesina · أبريل 10


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  2. Gulla · أبريل 10

    Let’s make the world happy.

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  3. Nubia Jiménez · مايو 1

    The world is better when there is love and joy.

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    • Mounzer · مايو 1

      This is true, and I am convinced of that, love, faith, action, joy , will, laughter, and pleasure. This is what matters to us exactly


    • Mounzer · مايو 1

      لقد قرأت أنك من كولومبيا و تعيشين في إسبانيا، أنه تحد كبير، أنا متأكد بأنك ستنجحين، و تحققي أحلامك


    • Mounzer · مايو 1

      I have read that you are from Colombia and live in Spain. I am sure that you will succeed and fulfill your dreams


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