A dream of death

I did not wake up that morning, I stayed in bed, unusually, the time passed, my wife shouted: wake up man here is eight o’clock, do you not want to go for a walk, your usual sport, time is late, and the sun gets hot after a little, the weather will be Hot today, come on, man, come on, wake up ….. but I did not move, and I cannot move at all, man, shouted again, approached and shook me, did not move, touched my body, she felt a little cold, oh God, My God, what happened to you, I put her hand to make sure that my breath was healthy, then she shouted at the loudest voice, My neighbors, she called the children, our neighbor came to the doctor, heavy minutes for everyone past … and said: I must He was taken to the hospital quickly, because we seemed to be in a difficult situation. They was crying at home. My son asked everyone to calm down. The ambulance came, and they took me to the hospital. There, upon examination, a number of doctors met, they were not too late, and one of them said to my son The time is late, unfortunately we can do nothing, he has declared my death ……… and there is sadness and crying in the place, and they took me back to the house, to take the last look, the farewell look, how sad the scene was, I cannot His description … My wife, my children … I said to myself: I am sorry that I put you in this difficult sad situation, but it is destiny, as we were born, a day will come and we will die, I wish I could now I want to cry for you and embrace you, I want to cry like you, I am sad more than you for farewell and separation, how painful this day is, but it is the truth of the universe, my beloved, do not cry, I do not want to hear you cry, I worked hard in my life to draw joy and laugh at Your faces, do not cry. Please, after several hours the funeral service began …. everyone wore the black dress, the dress of sadness, and death, the funeral walked very slowly, and how much I wished to go quickly, the hole was very small, oh God, how generous I was On us, the world is very big, and yet no one is surprised, they put me in the hole, and brought the curtain down to the story of my life. It became (I was) part of the past. Watt, and a terrible silence began ……


  1. Macrine Jangu · أبريل 8

    Great piece…
    the way you juggle words…❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NZain · أبريل 9

    Wow. Very touching and relatable. Thank you for connecting to my blog. It’s nice to meet you.🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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