Where are the crazies?

In this civilized world, big and rich with many things, God has given us everything, to live in prosperity, bliss, peace and security for thousands of years, and man has developed himself, used his mind well to reach his goals, and worked hard to progress, more and more From cave and woods to luxurious palaces, trains, planes and cars, his inventions did not stop at, and will not stop, and man compete against man and conflicts and wars erupted … and the era of exploitation began, whether for nature and wealth, Mother of man, and turned into long struggles, had great negative effects, and its effects are evident in many places, and this is the situation that we are currently in, for I don’t understand anything anymore. Has civilization developed its opposite effect? Or, say: Is it possible for civilization to destroy itself? Does a person kill himself? Does life disappear from the surface of this planet? Hundreds of questions that each one has in their minds, why is this happening? Politics, money, instinct, human intention, or destiny, has put an end, just as the beginning was laid before, and has the countdown to the end of humanity begun? Every day I ask myself these questions, who decides? We must say (stop here) is sufficient, it is enough conflicts and wars, it is enough to destroy life, where are the wise in you? Is there no mind you can think of, if you cannot take your minds and leave, we want to live in peace, we want our children and future generations to have a safe life, if there is no sane person with eyes and ears, leave, and others will come, if they are crazy, their hearts are more Mercy, if the sane people could not get us to safety, then welcome and easy to the crazy, where are the crazy?


  1. szymanskawriterteacher · أبريل 6

    I like your text so much… It made be believe that there are more people who think in this way. We are so tired of wars and the world, where money or power rule everything… We need peace, understanding and pure love. And I have a feeling that we are closer and closer of that. Stay safe,

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  2. 100 Country Trek · أبريل 6

    Your words are describing my mindset….

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  3. knjiznicaosveliskovci · أبريل 7

    Our planet is finally resting from us… Even though my favorite writer is famous for saying that jails and madhouses are overcrowded, I think “crazy” ones are walking freely among us, actually.

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