Good morning

It is five o’clock in the morning, I could not follow my sleep, I woke up in my bed, drank a glass of water, and as usual I went on a long thought, in this world, how we were, how we are today, several days ago while I was at home, I never got out of it, Food, sleep, reading, routine conversations with my wife, watching the news a little, and following social media a little, darkness began to withdraw a little, from my window I watch how light overcomes darkness, and shifts it aside in the daily battle of nature, it is a positive energy that gives me Push, maybe forget me anxiety and fear and occupy my constant and restless thinking, as if a mountain is on my shoulder, I browsed some sites on The Internet was shocked, from the increase in the numbers of people infected in the world, from Corona Virus, oh God, where did this disaster come from, every day, we wait for good news, we wait for hope, God was in the help of people, that it is a global earthquake, shook the globe along its length and width And it is possible that we will catch it tomorrow, that he is a thief, stealing our personal lives, and assassinating our souls, that he treacherously in us, we do not know which direction comes, and stabs in the back, do I stay in bed, do not move, in fact I did not dare to Getting out of bed, maybe waiting for me in the other room or in the kitchen, I will stay in bed until my wife wakes up, then we will become two, and getting stronger, I will not move, and my wife is in Morning, evening and night, instructions are tight, careful and sterilized, she is my strength, I will not move, from my window I will continue to monitor the struggle of nature, I will see how light always triumphs, I will wait until morning, I will stay in bed.

One comment

  1. Tanya Sheik · أبريل 4

    Lets hope for the best.✌

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