You and I are for Earth

At the beginning of the third millennium, the world became more accelerated, the age of the Internet and technology, and social media …… and the arms race, energy consumption, melting ice, increasing desertification, and declining green areas of land, all of these things. Threatening the risk of the survival of this planet, and life on it, today things are much worse than they were twenty years ago, all these reasons we bear responsibility for it, yes we are ordinary people, not the politicians who make decisions, and not the industrialists who run after money, if I do not initiate You and I to stop it, no one will care, we have a great responsibility, starting from home, Electricity and energy consumption ،and plastic materials, and the quality of our purchases of chemicals, to our cars and fuel in them, and even the cleanliness of the street we live in, and the quality of the clothes we wear ……. that the continuity of life depends on us, to start and start from ourselves Let our slogan be you and I for the Earth.


  1. easterntrekker · أبريل 2

    That is our world today…words well written and true.

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  2. Approaching to PASSION · أبريل 2

    This is most important matter of concern which the leaders of many countries are ignoring… nd ya well written 👍

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  3. leegschrift · أبريل 4

    We are the change!

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  4. craig lock · مايو 4

    Reblogged this on My "Torts".

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