Coronavirus, stop

The coronavirus is spreading and spreading, the coronavirus has reached new countries, the infected are approaching a million, the dead are about forty thousand, and two hundred countries are suffering from the malignant epidemic, and people are in real terror, everyone is afraid, the work has stopped, all the people in the homes are watching events and Developments, and everyone is waiting, when? When will stop? And life returns to normal, people are moving towards joy, happiness, work, travel, schools, universities …….. People yearn for optimism and hope, everyone is working hard to limit the spread of Corona Virus, in the end we must To trust our ability to achieve victory, and to realize that man will triumph, scientists work day and night to reach a solution, I ask all people not to allow depression and despair to enter them, because the danger of depression is much greater than the threat of Corona Virus, so that we occupy our time in things that keep us away from Impotent thinking, and frustration, let’s do open discussions on the Internet, and show our skills to some, in the comics, in the Science, culture, art ….. to speak, or to read and read, to return to the book, the book is a best friend, to read, or watch historical or documentary films, to learn more about our history, or some wonderful films in performance, acting and directing And after we talk and discuss each other, the words expand the horizons and develop the discussion …. Do not remain silent … Corona Virus will eventually stop and the person will win, and human life will continue, and everything will return as it was, and maybe much better, And the children return to study and play, whatever it is, it is a lesson that we must learn from, in cooperation, in the reasons that brought us here, in health care ……. And hope remains, Corona Virus Stop, your time is over, and the time for love and work has begun.

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