Coronavirus Exposes Secrets (Part 2)

We talked about the talk in general, and the developments of events from its beginning until today. We were four in the beginning, a young man in the late thirties, a nice lady in the mid-forties, and a man in his fifties who is close to my age, and each of us explained the events according to his influence from sources The news that he is following, one of them said that it is a world economic war, and the other said, it is China, and the lady contented himself with saying: We want her to end, I want to return to my country, to my children , but I said that it is the beginning of a new globalization, repositioning the whole world, that it is A new era is coming, and these are generally endless conversations, especially amid the media’s control of our minds, and its leadership To us from a distance, social media, and the world today is open, and every mouth has a voice. After this long debate I came to the question for each of them, why did you come here and what happened until you stayed here? The young man said: I have a phone call that I will finish and come back to you …… The man answered first and said: My friend, I am a construction engineer and I have many projects and studies and I usually travel every period for my work and a busy program throughout the year, I had He worked in a neighboring country, and my job was on Monday morning, I heard many of my friends about the beauty and nature of this country, so I said to myself, take a rest two days here, and leave on Sunday night, I arrived on Saturday and the next day the airports were closed And I’m sitting like you waiting now, my wife is waiting and so are the daughters, I have two adorable girls, one of them is married and I have a one-year-old grandson …… And as for Mrs. Q Walt: I work as a secretary in a large company, I am entitled to twenty days a year of annual leave, I distribute it in four departments, half of which are in my country and half of which I travel and discover this world. I also heard about this country and friends encouraged me to visit this country, I came for a period Four days, on the last day the closure occurred, so I called my embassy and she put me in this hotel, and my son is waiting at home alone, oh my son how much I miss you, and how scared you are, I have another daughter studying at the university near this country, either I told them about my travel story, how I came, why, about my wife’s concern, and about my three children, and my fear for them, and the longing for them ….. The time, the young man did not come, so we decided to go out for a little walk, and drink coffee on the way and continue the conversation, and we know each other more. The lady said: Let’s discover this city as we walk, I told them I heard that there are many beautiful places but these days are all closed, They asked me to tell them about my country and how he got there, we walked a lot and stopped drinking coffee and cigarettes, on the way back, and all of our words were in general, and about the future and expectations … It went today … We arrived at the hotel, the man remained In reception, the lady and I went up the elevator, asked for her phone number in the elevator and took it from her and promised us that we would meet in the evening, and each of us went To his room ….. followed

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