Coronavirus Killer

Months ago, and there is no power that stands in his way, despite the knowledge that man has reached and the amazing technology he possesses. The Corona does not cease to reap thousands of victims from people and hundreds of thousands of injured people, all over the world, the vast amount of money spent to manufacture more Weapons were devastating and deadly, they did not work, the amazing star wars, and the efforts made by man to ascend to space, did not help, man thought about everything that surrounds him, and he asked to invent more and not satiate, he spent imaginary money, forgot his health, he forgot His body, corona, is a lesson that humankind should benefit from. Human faults have been exposed, and even stripped, where are you, human Moments back to your past, to the origins that came from them, what benefited the planes today as they surrendered in airports, flew a lot, and in the end, they landed on the ground, cars parked in the streets, parked oil fields, and factories that closed their doors, and Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cabarets, stadiums, Wow, empty of everything, how much war broke out? How many countries differed between them? Because of greed and greed, the stomachs are not satisfied, and they want more and more, look today, where are we? At home, with the family with the family, nothing matters to us, except life for us and for those we love, we returned home, but with fear, compelled, we left everything to an unknown time, no one has an answer, no one knows, it is life, He is God. He wants to tell us that it is enough, enough of you, enough. Poverty and hunger are spread everywhere and every day, but this is the prerogative of the poor, but fear, fear of the epidemic, of Corona afflicts everyone, rich and poor in His home, and death is close to everyone, because does not distinguish between people, does not distinguish between rich and poor, does not distinguish between a hungry and not hungry person, death united all people, because it became very close.


  1. Anna Waldherr · أبريل 22

    Well said. ❤

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