Fancy (continued)

Continue eating breakfast, looked at him hesitantly, and said: Do you want me to go to my family in evening wear? …. No, we will go to the market first. I will buy anything that you wear that is comfortable for you, do not be afraid, there is a driver in the garage and I know him Well and have confidence in him, he will get you to the address, well, let’s drink coffee and go out, take out his lighter to light his cigarette, she said to him: Is it possible to light me one, please, I did not know you are a smoker, I am sorry, thank you for everything, You are truly a wonderful person, do you always live alone? Of course, of course, do you find someone or anything that indicates that there is another person, no, no, why are you speaking so little? You didn’t even ask me what your name is, and you haven’t known me yet? This is better, after a little each of us will go in his condition, and they reached the garage after she changed clothes with suitable new clothes, and he asked the driver to get her to where she wanted, she thanked him a lot for everything he did for her, she hugged him honestly, and parted, she took the taxi and I left, and he was walking back on the road. The time was approaching in the middle of the day. The best place to go now is the cafeteria. Meet my friends there. Maybe there is new news. After that, I will visit my mother and eat food for her, how much I miss her, and to her food, speak With his friends in the current news, some of them expected that a world war would break out, and some agreed that strong countries not fight, and that They do not always use the small countries as fuel for their plans, and an opinion from here and another from there, arrived at his mother’s house, his mother received him with affection, and longing, a week ago you did not come to rest, I think about you all the time, every day you talk to me and say that you are coming, and do not come, What are you busy with? Nothing, mom. Nothing. Just the conditions of life. I cooked pasta for you, your favorite food, half an hour and it is ready and your father came from his work, he entered the rooms in the house, and the childhood memories came back, and lay on his old bed, and covered In a deep sleep, his mother did not wake him up, she missed him and said maybe today he will stay here, and his father and I will be happy about that, uh, mom, I slept a lot, how many hours is it now? It is eight o’clock in the evening. Come, your father waits for you and the food is on the table. There are many conversations and memories in which he speaks with his parents. I will go to my house, do not go, it is too late, no my father has not closed my house windows and it is not permissible to leave it open, you know the world is no longer safe, here is the hour nearing midnight, I slept a lot, and I will not be able to sleep now, he entered the entrance and He went up the stairs to the second floor, stood stunned in his place, and shouted loudly, oh my God, my God, what are you doing here? ….. Follow

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