A Night of love 2

After taking a deep breath, he took out a pack of cigarettes and took a cigarette and said to her: Time passed quickly, I feel that yesterday I was here, I sit drinking morning coffee with you, and smoke my cigarette, do you want one, do your coffee still have the same flavor, what are you trying to talk to you This, are you stupid, are you trying to create a talking , say what you want? What brings you here? Do you want money? Didn’t you just last time take away all my money and jewelry from me, and took my life, and left and disappeared three years, by God, where did you go? Say? Where did you go? No, no, I do not want to Listen anything, I do not want anything from you, this money is in front of you, take what you want and leave, get away from my face I do not want anything from you, I do not want you but to leave, leave, you took everything from me, how much you are a coward, she wept to cry, relieve your sadness, girl, why all this cry? Hear what happened to me ….. I do not want to hear your voice making me shit, your shape brings me nervousness, took a new cigarette, and said: I was in prison, you are a liar I will not believe what you say, and do not follow, I will not hear ,. ……. My dear, do you remember my boss working in the oven that I used to work with, and what did he do, he commanded me, he stole the flour, do you remember, when I came that day in the morning, and we quarreled and you asked me to Take and pay them because the strong is always right, because no one will believe me, and he threatened me with the police that day, and all the evidence was against me. I took the money and jewelry with your consent the next day to the owner of the oven to make up for the deficiency. Bear, they took everything, and yet they called the police, called me, and the police took me and put me in prison for a whole year, you lie, I went to the oven and asked about you, they told me that you did not come, that’s right we met with his friend The oven is in his house and from there they asked me the police are you lying, I went to the house of the owner of the oven and met him, and said that he did not see you, my dear the son of the owner of the oven agreed with my boss at work, and they put me in this position, you lie, do you know the circumstances You passed by, you left me and went, did you know that no one left but tried to molest me, if I were not a strong girl I wouldn’t have found me here now, they imprisoned me for a whole year and I swore to go out to Vengeance is not useful to speak, I will not believe anything of what you say, please, I do not want my voice to rise, please go out ……. and she continued crying …… Continued

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