My father’s dreams

My father was dedicated in his sincere work, to the point that he used to give most of his time to his work and his presence in the home is little, so his work requires him a great effort, and my father is a poor farmer, he overcame all his circumstances until he got his knowledge and testimony that allowed him to get a good job in The state, my father spent his time to prove his worth at work, and so on until he got the degree after degree until he reached the way it is, and we slept before he came to the house and sometimes he comes to eat food quickly, if we have the luck we met him, and usually We only meet in the morning, we are preparing to go to school and prepare himself to go to work, and he asks us about the school and provides us with a text He puts an example and strikes us for example, how he was poor and he learned and reached this degree, and he tells us that our conditions are now much better than his conditions, and when our results in school are not good, we ask my mother to avoid us meeting him, and she knows how You act with him, and on holidays, my father used to go to work or work outings with his friends, because he is required to maintain his relationships and not lose anyone, he wants to win everyone, and within himself he still aspires to the best and has no balance other than His work and relationships, and a day has come and my father decided to give this day to his children, he asked us to come to his room, and his room was full of books and newspapers, after he His work and before he slept, he reads at least two hours a day, and he still maintains this program to this day even though he has reached the age of retirement, so reading is a never-ending treasure that says, we all came to the room and came to the recorder and a book and asked each one to read Loudly, good language, and my speech sounded, and he started recording. The first brother failed in the second minute, and the third brother failed in the first minute. As for me, I read the first word and started laughing, he tried again with me, and I laughed, and so on until he despaired of me and He said to me, “There is no hope in you that I go and leave the room, and try with my brothers, but without results, it is that he wants us to be like him in the language and throw the He died, but we needed time, and my father was irritable due to the pressure he was exposed to and his endless work, my father wanted to strengthen our personality and eliminate shame (which in this motivates us to read and read), which we were distinguished by, and so on. Days passed and after that my father did not meet us at all, the family conditions that we were subjected to did not allow this, and whenever we met him he gave us advice and was satisfied with comparisons, my father dreamed that we would obtain certificates that we could get a job from which we could live, he did not count The calculation of time, and that each generation had its circumstances, was very ideal, and we wanted us to be like him. My father’s dreams came true. , We have become very idealistic and transparent, and honest, it was considered the largest balance, at the time no longer benefit the honesty and good morals and, oh, my father: you have won.

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