I think that many people passed by a long time and did not hear this word (ignorance), and within them they know that there is a den within each of us, a den in which ignorance is hidden and hidden from view, waiting for an opportunity to invalidate it and renew its clothing and skin, in the past few days and We are in the midst of the suffering and pain caused by an epidemic that was not in mind, and we are in the third millennium and the era of technology, information, and space, and the vanity that afflicted us that we will soon be able to invent and plant the soul within a robot, and we will approach more than divine abilities, despite Cultures and information are rich to some, and as this virus emerged from the womb of nature, which betrays In many, many people and not reveal their entire secrets, no matter how intelligent the human being and the scientists are among them, this virus came out to stop the human being alone and reveal with him many positive and negative things and of course the negative is more painful and surprising, and the most important of these negative things is that ignorance came out of And his hatred to the public has become discharged and amused everywhere, and sadly, he went out with the lie (ignorance and lies if they met a nation that they would spend in days), and the strange thing is that the science that he devised and developed by man was the most contributing to spreading and exposing ignorance and lies Among those we thought were understood and of an educated class in these societies, the learner became unaware And he went back to the customs, traditions, religious rituals and exaggeration in the extent that some reached atheism, not only atheism in faith in God, but also atheism in the science in which he read and learned in it, strange you, man, no matter how you develop and learn, your truth will appear and be revealed in The simplest situations and the fastest times, the ship of ignorance and lying is large and can accommodate many, but this water that floats in you is shallow and the ship will drown in it and the spring will return green and the sun shines again.

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