Bottom Throne

I read many pessimistic articles, of a negative black nature, or what is called yellow writing. The world is now in distress that does not need to exaggerate things and intimidation. Yes, we are with caution and caution and fear for who we love, but who knows and who does not know has become He writes as if he had been a specialist doctor for years, this one who analyzed and turned out to be a conspiracy of states against states, and this is what he said was God’s wrath on human behavior and another he interpreted from him, the important thing is that they wrote, some claimed to know and some wrote to attract The largest number of followers, whatever of these writings is not worth anything in front of those who wrote about the method of treatment and the invention of anti-drugs Or that protect against corona virus, to the extent that some have promoted backward customs and traditions and to some tribes scattered around the world, and they are aware of the negative effects of this, especially since the psychological conditions of people cannot tolerate more playing with nerves and people by their nature go and run after hope He who comfortes her and relieves her from the calamity, and some people believe what he reads and writes. It is strange that most of the books know that he is lying or innovating to publicize and promote himself, they may gain some fame or perhaps money, and is there in our life more important than money, and no Limits to that, currently these are bubble days or a little air balloon flying and a little wind breathed To perdition, they think that their status and reputation will rise to the top, knock on the gates of fame, the media host them, and they become more wanted on TV stations, and their daily programs are filled with appointments, meetings, and their money will increase their assets, but, the truth will eventually impose itself and their position will remain at the bottom, And we will give them the title (bottom throne).

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