I will not die

He tries to come close to me, chasing me, chasing me everywhere and running away and sometimes luck interferes, I love life, I love to live, the will of life is strong for me, chasing me and running away, once I was driving my car and it deteriorated and got out intact, I went back to my home and work and I forgot the accident, and once I fell to the ground and the pelvis was broken in my body, I recovered and went back to sports and work, and once I tried to burn me while I was sleeping and was miraculously saved, no death, I will not allow you to approach anymore. I have gone too far, my body resistance is no longer the same It was, today I am fragile, weak, I cannot resist, a slight wind is burying me, I am no longer that stubborn person who resists, my journey with life was long There are things and things in it that go through the past, sometimes I live in memories for moments, and I return to my reality, because today I am not longer, you have become much stronger than me and some days my friend and my companion thought you were with me wherever you went, so your age has no limits, you are penetrating In history and the rest of life, you are the only permanent living in this universe, you play in whoever you want, but in the end you do not satiate your belly big and want everyone, I took a lot and a lot and you will take others and I will be one of them, but please I am weak Now get away from me a little, I don’t want to die while I am weak, let me rest and I promise that I will come back strong, then I will challenge you and I will not die Death.

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