New hope

The sun moved to lift her head after a short nap, in which she rested from the concerns and problems of people. Who among us are the inhabitants of the earth five billion who did not complain to the sun, but some of us since he created does not know himself but complains to her every period, it is close to the people feel its warmth and light and It brings with it safety, peace of mind, and hope, whether rich or poor, small or large. We are all racing for our work, as it is the main driver for the beginning of our day and work, and thus securing our lives. We complain to the sun that it may communicate the complaint to God, it is his neighbor and close to him, he may hear it and He responded to our call, it was a very long night last night, with which disturbing news comes and sour Many of us did not sleep waiting for the Savior who saves us from this malicious virus that came upon everyone without exception, with you O sun comes good and love and giving. Say good morning, O Earth, wake up, people. Good is coming and there must be faith that there is new hope.

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