the beautiful

The story started in the secondary stage of our studies. We were in one school in the village. I was a diligent student competing with my comrades to get a good rate through which we can enter the university. Maybe we graduate and we get a good job that helps us meet the requirements of life and alleviates life and its circumstances on the family and We believe in our future, and there was a beautiful girl with long hair, wide eyes, her mouth is cherry in color, her face is like a sun disk, sweet, her body is liked as a bamboo stick, and she puts throat in her beautiful ears and a bracelet in every hand, and every day she wears a shoe whose color varies according to the colors of her clothes and her sweet sound like music Quiet, and strutted as a dancer erased In it, she was very beautiful, this girl, despite her beauty and good financial condition, was a permanent competition for the first ranks, and we students were racing against her on the pretext that we wanted to ask her about information of interest to study, yet she welcomed everyone who wanted to ask her and answered with confidence and honesty and was Some try to prolong the questions so that he can stand with her for the longest time, and she was tactful to like to appear with an appearance that knows everything and is interested in her study, unless she never allows any young man to speak with her on special matters and some people put messages for her thinking that they read it It may be the good luck that won her heart, the most important of all was the refusal of any young man, whether from the teacher Or outside of school, even if it came through the parents asking for her hand, she rejected everyone and even that some young people disagreed about her and struggled, thinking that each one of them had a hope to get the heart of the beautiful woman, but she was devoting all her attention to her studies and dedication to her path and so on. Until the end of the year, when she gets a better rate than us and becomes an engineering student and during the university some tried to try again with her because she is from an affordable family despite her beauty and interest in her studies, it is a gain for any young man and she is comfortable in the future if he had it, but she was refusing and Never date anyone, some thought it was complicated, others tried but useless and stayed Beautiful women only know the elegance, the mirror and the study, and its program is consistent in this way and the years have passed and the university period has ended and I got a good average and I pursued postgraduate studies and got a PhD and is now studying at the university, the time is fast ruthless every day trying From a new young man, but she is determined to refuse. Perhaps her knight has dreams in her mind. He did not come and waited and waited for this knight ten years and then ten years later. And this knight did not come and no one is trying to approach her or the link. The age has been lost, girl, but she is still Elegant, but with simple makeup, she walks as a dancer with a little flabby and her hair is long with a p Big hair every period and her mouth is cherry with a plastic surgery and the number of golden bracelet has become more and more with a little difference, she is now looking for someone who draws his attention, how old she lost, beautiful.

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