Thanks, my shoes

More than three years ago, my wife went to the market and remembered that it was my birthday next week so she decided to work for me as a surprise and was confused about the gift that will guide me. If she came in a shirt, I do not change my clothes a lot, since I have retired, so there is no need for new shirts so enough of it for me. I have and if it comes with pants, the man has no shame in wearing the same pants for several days, so what does it bring, so she chooses on either a sports shoe or an ordinary shoe, my shoes began to change color, she said to herself that if I brought a sport shoe, I do not like going out with the sports wear to my friends or My health does not allow me to go hiking, she said I will take him at least normal shoes If he had a duty to go out in it better than his old shoes, it became dark in color, although in the past year she bought it for me, because I am respected, I do not like shopping and I do not have a long breath on it, my wife insisted on me until I went down with her and were upset with me sometimes because I do not shop With her, the important thing was that my wife bought the shoe and gave him a gift for me on my birthday. The shoe was brown in color, he pronounced himself tall, proud and stood smelling of the factory, as he recently came to the market, I tried the shoe, oh how comfortable I felt that he was comfortable in the foot and his shape is beautiful He intermarried with both feet, so they relaxed with each other, and from that day on my birthday, these shoes were born. He became my friend, my permanent companion, and the owner of my secrets, he is with me where I go and listen to all the conversations and watch all the actions, and every week I keep him clean and ventilated and the fact that our friendship became strong, how much he saved me from slipping and how much he saved me from the water gore and often carry My excess weight and was strong in the dead of winter resists the cold and in the summer it was a little sweaty and light in the foot, we kept each other, but everything has an end. My shoes preceded me to my final destiny, yesterday yesterday I went out since early morning I had several visits and I walked A lot from place to place with great weight and rough roads, and I did not feel the pain that befriended my friend and did not complain to me about anything I went home late and asked my wife to bring me a cup of tea and I took my shoes off with my hand and found him his body separated from his base and became two parts, I tried to blame no no do not do it what happened to you do you give up on me, my wife called to give me some nails Or any adhesive, but after more than two hours, I confirmed that any resuscitation process would not help. It ended. Although my wife comforted my grief over him, it was severe. I thought it was the last shoe I would wear, but he preceded me with death. .Finally we parted, I can only say thanks my shoes.


  1. Anna Waldherr · أبريل 21

    A very sweet story. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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