Coronavirus democracy

Finally, after a long struggle by people, over hundreds of years, and after hundreds of thousands of victims who demanded freedom, justice and equality, and to no avail, except for some rare cases, here it is within three months that it will be achieved for humans, even if temporarily, if no one dreamed of it, especially some The long human struggle, yes, within three months, the rich and the poor have become equal in rights and duties before God and in front of others. Travel is forbidden for everyone and quarantine is mandatory. There are no entertainment clubs, no restaurants, and nothing. Everyone sits at home. One of them may be one of them. A prisoner of a room and a few. A prisoner of a palace. In any case, the danger and fear of corona is equal, everyone A body for the rich and the poor is one and the blood is one and the mind is one This feared death and clings to life and the same as the other and the rich His work stopped and thus his profits I said that if they were not stopped and the poor in both cases God was in his help, is what happened is a lesson of divine, Is It is a test from God for human beings. You are from dust and to dust. You return. God knows best. Is there something before the Day of Resurrection that warns people and alerts them to the near end, and do people, especially the rich and influential people and decision-makers in this world, pay attention and restructure the decision so that Everyone on this planet lives comfortably away from fear, poverty, hunger and death, if the corona is artificial O or not, it is a worthy lesson to raise our morals and convictions again, why do we not take the positives and continue with them a general law to take from the Koruna its democracy that he gave us in three months and man was unable to do in hundreds of years

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