Coronavirus and global warming……………… Perhaps in my words this is a bit of an oddity, but do you not think with me that something happened, a decision that came from someone who sounded the alarm on the globe and said enough that you must put an end to your persistence and indifference and recklessness of the universe, point and finish, notice with me from the affected person starting From China to the United States of America, passing through the old continent, is not the industrialized countries, have the borders not been closed and airports and factories are disrupted? How many elements of energy have gone out of service? Or through the means of transportation to think quietly, is it not several years they try Reducing global warming, but without benefit, and that global warming foreshadows melting ice and natural disasters that devastate countries and peoples much larger than those who will be taken by the Corona in its path. Isn’t decision-makers safe and secure? Stock exchanges are countless, and even the taxi driver has been harmed, but in your love, O Globe, it all underestimates, the only corona that made us one hand united because death frightens the rich and the poor, the simple and educated man, the worker, the employer, the citizen and the leader, Hey people, maybe in the coming days we will know a lot and a lot if I write Our life we will remember each other, congratulations to you, O earth, because you are you and the rest of human beings change.

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